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Why Lexis GRC?

Developed in partnership with LexisNexisLexis®  GRC is an integrated governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management software solution complete with legislative content, including by-laws. This comprehensive reputation protection solution is the governance, risk, and compliance software that executive boards can rely on. 

 With a variety of modules available, you can customise the solution to suit your needs and requirements. Isn’t it time that you maximised your opportunities through expert enterprise management of risk, compliance and mitigation. 

  • Access the latest legislative content including acts, regulations and bylaws with additional content including plain language explanations, penalties and compliance audit checklists.
  • Setup your organisational structure, legal registers, standards, documents, policies, procedures and governance frameworks from a central location with version control and content workflow.
  • Prioritise key focus areas for governance, risk and compliance and schedule tasks and activities.
  • Perform surveys, identify activities, hazards, environmental aspects, operational and enterprise risks and impacts. Implement controls and create action plans.
  • Conduct compliance audits, identify non-compliances, create corrective and preventative actions.
  • Log incidents and non-conformances and keep track of details, timelines, and evidence. Perform investigations and root cause analysis.
  • Complete checklists and inspections using standardised forms and our mobile app.
  • Get complete visibility with real-time reports and interactive dashboards and drill down to identify areas of improvement.
  • Configure your own reports and dashboards to view only the information that is needed to manage your areas of responsibility effectively.
  • Monitor risk and impact levels, control effectiveness and action plans.
  • Monitor compliance levels, checklist and inspection results and corrective/preventative actions.
  • View detailed incident and non-conformance reports, investigation reports and root cause analysis dashboards.
  • Schedule tasks with instructions, responsible people and due dates that can be integrated with Microsoft® Outlook calendars.
  • Keep track of meetings, corrective/preventative actions, risk assessments, audits, inspections and monitoring activities in a central location.
  • Get reminders and escalation notification mails to ensure actions are completed on time.

Available Modules

Lexis GRC offers a range of modules that conserve resources, minimise risk, and guarantee continuous improvement. Each module offers its own set of benefits and can be tailored to fit your business and its requirements:

Library and Legal Registers
Compliance Audits
Enterprise Risk Management
Hazards and Environmental Aspects
Incident Management
Forms and Checklists

Library and Legal Registers

Library/Legal Universe

  • Subscribe to all applicable legislative content, including acts, regulations and by-laws for your referral. Choose the legal areas applicable to your business so that you never miss an update.
  • Add your own content including standards, guidelines, policies, procedures and governance frameworks.

Simple Legal Register Creation

  • Set up your legal register per business unit, site, section, department, function or other as stipulated by you. Focus on all legislation unique to your business and LexisNexis will help clarify what your compliance areas require.

Skip Outdated Legislation

  • As the leading provider of content in South Africa, LexisNexis knows that relying on yesterday’s news is never a good thing. It’s why our qualified editorial team update all content whenever new legislation is passed.
  • Get email notifications in a convenient digital format that makes those ring bound files a thing of the past.

Navigate Legal Lingo

  • With legislation often written in technical terms that make it hard to understand, LexisNexis rewrites it all so that you get the picture.

Get Clarity on Penalties

  • Everyone knows that all acts have penalties and that non-compliance is a fast track to landing one. With penalties ranging from fines to potential imprisonment, LexisNexis is your helping you understand the ins and outs of them so that you never have to deal with one. Lexis® GRC joins the dots between penalties and applicable content so that you can avoid them.

Compliance Audits

Audit Questions/Checklists

  • Know exactly what to audit and what questions to ask with Lexis® GRC.
  • Save time by auditing only, applicable, auditable and measurable parts, sections and regulations.

Conduct Standard or Detailed Audits

  • Opt for standard audits when time is limited, and more detailed high-level ones when you’re dealing with high-risk business areas or testing compliance.

Build Your Own Protocols

  • Every company has unique audit requirements and yours is no exception. Create custom audit protocols or simply use the Legal Compliance and ISO/OHSAS Standard Audit protocols already developed by LexisNexis. By including only the criteria that will impact your business, you can cut down on time and costs.

Reports and Dashboards

  • Enjoy a comprehensive audit report that covers compliance scores, all non-compliances, and suggested corrective or preventive actions. Each report can be downloaded as a PDF or word document. You can also view graphs of your data on the Lexis® GRC management dashboard for an instant look at your business’ audits and performance stats.

Ensure Continuous Improvement

  • With Lexis® GRC, all records of previous audits are archived for future reference. Measure all current audits against past ones, track your improvement, and drive business performance. Record internal and external audits in one central location and log all audit findings in Lexis® GRC to generate compliance ratings and schedule corrective actions.

Prove That You Meet the Standards

  • It’s not enough to adhere to international standards. You need to have documented proof of your compliance. Lexis® GRC generates questions for companies to audit their compliance in line with the following standards:
    • OSHAS18001
    • ISO14001
    • ISO9001

Enterprise Risk Management

Identify Your Enterprise Risks

  • Identify, assess, and prioritise risks for all business categories in accordance with COSO’s Enterprise Risk Integrated Framework, ISO 31000 standards, PASS 99 specification, and IRMSA’s Guide to Risk Management.
  • The solution is configurable to work with your company’s risk management framework.

Risk Assessments and Controls

  • Lexis® GRC will guide you through the Deming cycle of “Plan, Do, Check, Act & Review”. Assess risks at inherent, residual, and final rating stages; with legislative or other requirements to address Compliance Risk Management Plans (CRMP). Measure all controls by means of effectiveness and edit these where necessary.

Enable Opportunity Listing

  • The Lexis® GRC assessor allows for opportunity listing and assessments that complement the new focus area of King lV.

Risk Response and Reporting

  • Set up mitigation factors, strategy, and actions with fixed responsibility to guarantee effective response times. Determine your top 10 business risks per sector or unit, or generate your own reports and dashboards.

Management Review

  • Give your company executives (CEO, Board Chairman, and Shareholders), the opportunity to make decisions and adjust risk ratings in accordance with their own understanding of business risk.

Hazards and Environmental Aspects

Identify Hazards and Environmental Aspects

  • The module is aligned with international best practices to identify activities, products and services and related hazards and environmental aspects.

Identify and Evaluate Risks and Impacts

  • Identify, assess, and prioritise risks and impacts related to hazards and aspects.
  • The solution is configurable to work with your company’s risk/impact management framework.

Risk Assessments and Controls

  • Lexis® GRC will guide you through the Deming cycle of “Plan, Do, Check, Act & Review”. Assess risks/impacts at inherent, residual, and final rating stages. Measure all controls by means of effectiveness and edit these where necessary.
  • Prioritise risk controls for corrective action using the action management tool. Guarantee that all identified risks are promptly and effectively resolved by setting automated email monitoring alerts and deadlines.

Risk Response and Reporting

  • Set up mitigation factors, strategy, and actions with fixed responsibility to guarantee effective response times. Determine your top 10 risks/impacts per sector or unit, or generate your own reports and dashboards.

Incident Management

Instant Logging

  • As with any incident, a description is best recorded as soon as possible.  Lexis® GRC asks key questions that will help you compile a preliminary log in a central location.

Protect Your Reputation 

  • All aspects of Lexis® GRC’s Incident Management module are aligned with OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards with due consideration of legal implications. This makes it an invaluable tool that can protect your business against malicious speculation.

Prescribed Reporting Forms

  • As per the Department of Labour’s general admin regulations, every reportable incident should be kept on an official incident investigation form. Lexis® GRC has this covered, so you’ll never have to source these forms each time you need to write a report. This means less time wasting resources and better chances of remaining compliant.

Enjoy Best Practices

  • The internationaly recognised best practice for incident management states that companies need to conduct a full and detailed investigation of every significant incident. Upon failure to do so, legal liability could ensue. Our detailed templates uphold international best practices. These will guide you with important prompts and questions so that your compiled reports include all immediate and underlying factors.

Ensure Continuous Improvement

  • Get the information you need to make improvements fast! Prevent reoccurrence with the critical information you need at your disposal, and make targeted interventions that drive major decreases in incidences across your company.

Forms and Checklists

Go Paperless by Digitising Forms and Checklists

  • With this module you can convert all your paper-based forms and checklists to digital, allowing users to complete it online using Lexis® GRC or offline using our mobile app on Android smartphones and tablets. Forms and checklists are completed in the field and data are synchronised with Lexis® GRC, eliminating the need to re-capture information. Improve efficiency, manage proactively with near real-time information, eliminate data capture, manage risk and compliance better, save time and money.

Forms and Checklists

  • Effective governance, risk and compliance management often rely on information from the field being captured using forms and checklists like pre-use inspections, mini risk assessments, safe work declarations, security checks, inspection registers (first aid kits, fire extinguishers, gas equipment, machinery, electric fences, electrical hazards, PPE, ladders, scaffolding, etc.). With this module, all this information is captured digitally and instant reports can be viewed to identify issues quickly and easily.

Capture Better Evidence

  • Use mobile devices to capture better evidence including GPS location, photographs and signatures using smartphones and tablets. Know where something happened, see what happened and get sign-off when required in real-time without the need to attach or capture information after the fact.

Intelligent Forms

  • Build business logic into forms to make it intelligent by dynamically changing based on information captured. Enforce sign-off, capturing of evidence or send e-Mail notifications when certain conditions are met or specific thresholds exceed, standardise operating procedures, reduce training time, ensure compliance and manage more proactively by identifying issues early.

Drag-and-drop Form Builder

  • The user-friendly form builder allows you to build and maintain your own forms and checklists with limited technical knowledge required. Standardise forms, mandatory inputs and business rules and modify it yourself when processes change.


  • Standard reports allow you to search and filter to find issues, reoccurring patterns and trends quickly and easily. Build and maintain your own reports with templates that conform to your organisation’s corporate identity. Generate automated reports at the push of a button


Gain Valuable Insights Through Surveys

  • Design your own surveys and distribute them to internal or external contact lists to gather responses and analyse the results. Conduct surveys to inform risk identification, appetite and tolerance, ad-hoc surveys for compliance, risk, health, safety, environment, awareness, supplier and client assessments or any other topic of interest. Make more informed decisions and take action based on survey results and findings.

Design Your Own Surveys

  • The user-friendly form builder allows you to design and build your own surveys quickly and easily with limited technical knowledge required. Build basic surveys or split larger surveys into multiple pages, ask qualitative and quantitative questions and add business rules and logic to create intelligent surveys to only ask the most relative questions.

Distribute to Survey Respondents

  • Send e-Mails to survey respondents using the built-in mail system that keeps track of contacts, invalid e-Mail addresses and unsubscribes. Maximise mail delivery with the built-in spam score checker and view detailed analytics and reports on mail delivery rates through to survey response rates.

Collect Survey Responses

  • Respondents complete surveys online using computers, tablets or smartphones and results become available in real-time. Respondents can track progress as they complete surveys and save and continue later when working on larger surveys.

Analyse Results and Findings

  • Generate automated reports at the push of a button. Standard reports allow you to analyse survey results, qualitative and quantitative data.  Search and filter to segment data and make informed decisions based on the results. Build and maintain your own reports with templates that conform to your organisation’s corporate identity.

Take Action and Integrate with other Modules

  • Take action based on survey results, analyses and findings and use it to inform governance, risk and compliance management. Link surveys to hazards, risks, incidents and audits or kick off processes that are informed by survey results.


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Lexis® GRC Benefits

  • Complete and easy-to-use GRC solution with a comprehensive set of tools in one application.
  • Configurable and customisable to suit your unique requirements.
  • Drive continuous improvement across your organisation in line with GRC standards and industry best practices.
  • Get full visibility across your organisation on all aspects of GRC with drill-down ability to focus on areas of improvement.
  • Get things done with the integrated task, action and schedule manager with automated reminder and escalation e-Mails.
  • Access to always up-to-date legislation including acts, regulations and by-laws with verbatim, penalties and plain language.
  • Add your own content including documents, policies, procedures, standards, guidelines and processes.
  • Cloud solution fully managed or installed on your infrastructure with full support included in license fees.

Conquer risk & compliance challenges today!